Welcome to the Gruber farm

The farmhouse Gruber lies in a narrow green scenery between Bolzano and S. Genesio in a mediterranean warm climate. Here grow grapes, apples, chest-nuts, nuts.

S. Genesio is the village you can see from Bolzano high above the town to the north – west on the Salten high plateau of rolling hills and is served by a cable car. The Salten is the only european high plateau with such an expanse of sunny larch forest, it is a paradise for bikers, riders and provides grazing for the famous Haflinger horses which derive their name from the near village of Hafling.

The Gruberhof was built as a guesthouse 400 years ago, it is situated on an old road/ path connecting Bolzano to Sarentino valley for centuries. On their steep and tiring way to and from Bolzano people used to have a rest or to stay overnight here .. The guest-house lost it’s importance when 1853 the new road to the Sarentino valley was built along the river Talvera, Gruberhof-people lived on agriculture only.

1986 our family bought this farm which had been uninhabited for 30 years and was in bad condition, we restaured the house and rebuilded the stable, we planted apples, grapes and vegetables, we have grassland for our animals.

In our small restaurant and agritourism we offer traditional cuisine with tipical dishes and drinks, in our comfortable rooms we wish you a quiet and pleasant stay in familiar atmosphere.

Our farm lies below the Salten, from here you can go for long walks or bike-tours. Children can enjoy themselves on our playground or in the woods around the house.

We look forward to meet you and wish you a pleasant stay!